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Got Ya Covered Cleaning


Residential and Rentals

Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly
Basic Cleaning Sweep Vacuum Mopping Dusting Countertops Toilets Tub/Shower
Spring/Fall Cleanings Basic Cleaning Moving furniture Ceiling cobwebs Ceiling fans Light fixtures Inside of appliances Windows
Move In or Out Sweep Vacuum Windows Inside and out of cabinets Inside and out of appliances Toilets Tub/Shower Cobwebs Ceiling fan and/or light fixtures
Vacation Rentals Basic Cleaning Empty dishwasher Change Bedding Wash bedding and towels Supply Amenities
Extras Carpet Cleaning Furnace Duct Cleaning Area Rug Cleaning


Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly*
Basic Cleaning Sweep Vacuum Mopping Dusting Break room Restroom/s
Extras Supply Restroom Amenities Toilet Paper Paper Towels Hand Soap Strip and Wax Floors Carpet Cleaning

*Monthly cleanings limited to small office businesses

If you have experienced a recent loss and need assistance with sensitive matters, we may be able to help. Contact us and put your mind at ease.

We don't clean carpets, area rugs and upholstery but can schedule a local business we work with who handles this service for us. They can also clean your duct work and dryer vent.

New service coming soon:
Stripping and waxing floors